Anne Boleyn’s fall. Worlds Collide – Tereza Bodnar [Write up]

The first in the series of posts for the anniversary is from Tereza Bodnar. I think this is a particularly good piece to start with as it discusses her views on what caused the downfall of Anne. … Anne Boleyn’s fall. Worlds Collide by Tereza Bodnar [Introductory note] Anne Boleyn’s fall (as well as her rise into power) is a result of manifold various reasons, of the complex political game and personal collision. In the following essay, I would like to dwell upon one of the most striking, and for me, most crucial of these reasons – the personalities of Anne and Henry themselves. In my opinion, it is important to decipher (or at least slightly open the subject) somewhat traditional and superficial myth, which sometimes takes place, of these two being simple villains who deserved their end: Anne – a scheming careerist and Henry – a bloodthirsty tyrant. Besides additional actors and tools, I am convinced, that the cause

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Tudor Madness and Group Writes

Just thought I would write a little update on how things have been going lately. First off, I’m happy to announce that Queen Elizabeth I won Tudor Madness! If you’re new and wondering, “what the hell is Tudor Madness?” It’s a fun competition I had on the Facebook page, where popular vote would advance an individual to the next round of voting. The final ended with mother vs daughter, and daughter won! I had a lot of fun doing this, and am definitely going to do it again! I have 32 more people lined up, I just need to sit down and create the graphic! Secondly, I started group writes! The first one was a lot of fun, and you may have read the results. If not, definitely check it out, by clicking here! These will be posted on Saturdays!