Have You Heard the News? – Sara Stevenson [Short Story]

Do you come from a small town? I do. We have less than 2000 people where I grew up, so everyone knew each other and there was a lot of gossip. After reading this it got me thinking. Life at court would have been a lot like life growing up in my town, just with more uncomfortable clothing. I really enjoy this submission from Sara, because it addresses something that I feel is really only touched on it a lot of books – gossip! Its always A word from the author, I recently graduated with my Masters degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities, and my specialty has always been Shakespearean literature and the Tudor reign.  I spent my undergraduate years studying Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, and everything in between, and it is an area of history that I am extremely passionate about. … “Have You Heard the News?” “Have you heard the news?” I glanced at the blonde sitting next

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