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In High Places – Bonny G Smith [Chapter] Part 1

This post is a little late, but its here! I’ve been flat out at work, and wasn’t entirely sure if

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Tudor Madness and Group Writes

Just thought I would write a little update on how things have been going lately. First off, I’m happy to announce that Queen Elizabeth I won Tudor Madness! If you’re new and wondering, “what the hell is Tudor Madness?” It’s a fun competition I had on the Facebook page, where popular vote would advance an individual to the next round of voting. The final ended with mother vs daughter, and daughter won! I had a lot of fun doing this, and am definitely going to do it again! I have 32 more people lined up, I just need to sit down and create the graphic! Secondly, I started group writes! The first one was a lot of fun, and you may have read the results. If not, definitely check it out, by clicking here! These will be posted on Saturdays!