Roses of Blood and Winter – Jessica Dunne [Poem]

Hello! I hope this Monday is treating you well! If not, I hope reading this post will bring a smile to your face, because I truly appreciate that you’re taking time our of your day to read this! I also truly appreciate Jessica for submitting this weeks posts! She has submitted some poems, and I’m pleased to be posting the first one today! A word from the author, The [poem] was written when I began to study the reign of Henry VII. His story and reign fascinated me and it just sprung forth this idea. I’ve also had such a love for Elizabeth of York and her parents. They’re fascinating people to me. … Roses of Blood and Winter A Welch Dragon  and The English Rose A union that brought a war to a close Her beauty and grace knew no bounds As she sat with child beside her hounds Henri Tudor, seventh of his name The first of his

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Counterpoint – Barbara, Lady Villiers by Elizabeth St. John [Short Story]

Friday already! Has anyone elses week flown by? I’m always working so everything is just blending together at this point! However, Friday means theres a new post! And todays post is the second installment of Elizabeth St. Johns Counterpoint series! If you haven’t read the first post, click here. I read this story again just before posting it, and it didn’t strike me, until now, how much darker it is, compared to the first one! I am eager to read her novel The Lady of the Tower even more now! … Counterpoint Barbara, Lady Villiers “There were not in those days so many beautiful women found in any family as these, but my mother was by the most judgements preferred before all her elder sisters, who sometimes envious, used her unkindly.” Lucy St.John Tower of London 1618 When Theo Howard, the heir-apparent to the Earldom of Suffolk, fell in love with my sister Lucy, I knew I would die with envy. Or destroy her

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Counterpoint, Theo Earl of Suffolk – Elizabeth St John [Short Story]

Hello! How went your weekend? This week, the stories that are featured are sliiiiiightly after the Tudor era, but it was close enough to Elizabethan times, I figured, why not! Especially when Elizabeth agreed to my request to have them featured! This weeks featured author is Elizabeth St. John and todays post is the first installment of her short story series called Counterpoint. Fair warning! Its a little longer than usual posts, but I wanted both posted in the same week 🙂 A word from the author, When I wrote The Lady of the Tower, the story revealed itself in the narrative of my ancestress, Lucy St.John. But, as with all novels, other characters appeared, and their voices grew strong and insistent, demanding their own story be told. And my readers wanted to know more about them too., So, for fun, I started a series of short stories that present an alternative view to these much loved and maligned characters

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CONTEST WINNER – Tiara Schrombeck

This is coming a little later than I intended, but here we are! I’m pleased to announce that the winner of the first ever ATWC contest is Tiara Schrombeck! She wrote a fantastic story, that you can read below. Please be sure to congratulate her! … An Evening at Court                 A million candles lit up the clothes of a million dancers and made all their jewels and gilded masks sparkle like fireworks. It was as if every candle that had ever been made was assembled together here and lit for the dual purpose of celebrating the new king and spiting the old dead one. The sheer opulence would have been offense to Catherine if she had not been one of the recipients of the celebration. She had recently escaped from the trappings of poverty, or what was considered poverty for a woman who was born to the richest of monarchs and expected to live a certain comfort level and

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The Bradgate Heiress – Derek Ansell Part 2 [Chapter]

The week is over, we have celebrated ringing in the new year, and have already started (or stopped) our New Years resolutions! Now we get to relax and read the second part of Dereks submission, and for the first time, we get to see Jane! … ‘You may go.’ She departs hastily and I am left reflecting that she usually addresses me as ‘mother’ rather than ‘madam’ but she will come around in time and she already knows that I mean business. I must, however, tread carefully with her. Fully aware as I am of the trauma of her early years as a small child, having her half sister Mary assigned to wait on her like a servant when she was barely two years old and later, after the violent death of her mother, being declared illegitimate and then being shuttled around the country hither and thither, rarely settling long enough to call anywhere home. It is hardly the sort

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