The Spanish Princess – Christine Morgan [Episode 2]

Wow, this post is literally three days late – my apologies to Christine! The last two days have been insane with travel! It was supposed to be up yesterday, but naturally I was having internet problems! … The Spanish Princess Episode 2 “Fever Dream” By: Christine Morgan This post contains spoilers for Episode 2 of The Spanish Princess. Read with caution. It feels good to finally move into a second episode where we have all the backstory we need and can focus on the ways this story and its characters are growing. This episode was visually stunning and brought in the richness of Spanish décor and fashion that really lets the designers like Phoebe de Gaye (Costumer) shine. This is a series that feels special for many reasons but, primarily, viewers (myself included) are letting Starz know that they LOVE the diversity of cultures, religions, and race. Adding Katherine of Aragon into the Tudor show canon may be a major

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