Have You Heard the News? – Sara Stevenson [Short Story]

Do you come from a small town? I do. We have less than 2000 people where I grew up, so everyone knew each other and there was a lot of gossip. After reading this it got me thinking. Life at court would have been a lot like life growing up in my town, just with more uncomfortable clothing. I really enjoy this submission from Sara, because it addresses something that I feel is really only touched on it a lot of books – gossip! Its always A word from the author, I recently graduated with my Masters degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities, and my specialty has always been Shakespearean literature and the Tudor reign.  I spent my undergraduate years studying Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, and everything in between, and it is an area of history that I am extremely passionate about. … “Have You Heard the News?” “Have you heard the news?” I glanced at the blonde sitting next

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Counterpoint – Barbara, Lady Villiers by Elizabeth St. John [Short Story]

Friday already! Has anyone elses week flown by? I’m always working so everything is just blending together at this point! However, Friday means theres a new post! And todays post is the second installment of Elizabeth St. Johns Counterpoint series! If you haven’t read the first post, click here. I read this story again just before posting it, and it didn’t strike me, until now, how much darker it is, compared to the first one! I am eager to read her novel The Lady of the Tower even more now! … Counterpoint Barbara, Lady Villiers “There were not in those days so many beautiful women found in any family as these, but my mother was by the most judgements preferred before all her elder sisters, who sometimes envious, used her unkindly.” Lucy St.John Tower of London 1618 When Theo Howard, the heir-apparent to the Earldom of Suffolk, fell in love with my sister Lucy, I knew I would die with envy. Or destroy her

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