Tudor Style House on a Hill by Mary Bone [Poem]

Today’s submission is another poem! I think it’s safe to say that anyone reading this has day dreamed about being back in time when all of our favourite people were around. A word from Mary, “The Tudor house is a house I envisioned. It sounded regal and grand. I remember bits and pieces of the era from history class and I know some of this era involved royalty and many of the Monarchs inherited their rise to power. Most of this poem was just me trying to imagine what life was about during that time frame in history.” Tudor Styled House on a Hill In my mind, I envisioned The great parties that were held At a Tudor-styled house on top of a hill. The house was part of a Victorian era. Kings and Queens would attend lavish banquets Held in their honor. Women wore lace dresses and grand jewelry. There were rulers from many kingdoms Who ran their own

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Too Cool by Robert Hiland [Poem]

This week seems to have a theme – Elizabethan dramatists. Today’s post is a poem that was graciously sent in by Robert Hiland, and was inspired by Mr.Will Shakespeare. A word from Robert, “What inspired me to write “Too Cool”?  It is true, but far too easy to say  ” frustration with a date that didn’t go well”.  That was just the motivation, the spark that ignited the fusion process. Hamlet likely felt the same way….It is also true but only slightly more so to say that the image of Ophelia’s father being unjustly stabbed where he eavesdropped behind the screen was a piece of the inspiration.  How unfair!  How cruel!  But that was just the magnetic bottle that contained the process in the beginning.  Toss in some puns and double entendre, some rhyme and rhythm; an image here, a metaphor there;  more fun stuff  and form stuff learned from, inspired by–well–all of the above.”    To cool or not

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