Death of a Queen by Christine Valentor [Write Up]

I feel like there is some irony in the last post in March being a post about Elizabeth I, seeing as how March 24 was the anniversary of her death. I also realized that after reading this, I knew next to nothing about the death of Elizabeth. I particularly like this write up because it addresses something I never once considered, despite suffering with it myself – monarchs suffering from depression. This submission is really making me look at people differently. A word from Christine, “Medieval and Renaissance history have always fascinated me. The Tudors in particular inspire me because their stories are filled with strong women. Whether it is Elizabeth of York, the six wives of Henry VIII, Mary Tudor or Queen Elizabeth I, their tales unfold with drama, passion and humanity. I love the Elizabethan era because Shakespeare wrote during this time. It was a period of great pageantry and politics, which I believe still influences us to

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