The Rise and Fall of Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury by Samantha Wilcoxson [Article]

This weeks feature is going to be slightly different than previous weekly features. Way back before I fell off the face of the earth, Samantha made a submission and upon closer inspection, I saw there was actually TWO submissions! One was an article, that I decided would be a good introduction to Fridays post, which will be a chapter from her book! For those of you who aren’t aware of, or know much about Lady Salisbury, fasten your seatbelts! This ladys life was wild! … The Rise and Fall of Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury Isn’t she that old lady who was executed by Henry VIII? Yes, Margaret Pole was horridly murdered by her cousin and king when she was sixty-seven years old, but there is so much more to her story. Long before Margaret was sent to her death without trial after spending more than two years imprisoned within the Tower of London, Margaret Pole was born a Princess

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Oh, Drama! Tudor Court Revels and Mary Boleyn by Christine Morgan [Article]

I  was happy to hear from Christine when she saw my post on the Tudor History Summit Facebook, and even more happy when her submission involved Mary Boleyn! This part of her thesis really made me think about pop cultural protrayal of people in this time era and how I will often get caught up in the storyline and assume that is basically how it happened. Obviously this is to an extent, I know historical fiction writers take a lot of liberties ;). A word from the author, I chose to write this section based on the glamour and literal drama of Tudor court because, not only was pageantry what Henry VIII was famous for, but this particular production features Mary Boleyn in front of the court and ambassadors as a main character. The pageant Chateau Vert is immortalized in pop culture and TV as the event where Henry VIII met and fell in love with Anne Boleyn. However, this production was

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Among Savages by Fiona Hurley [Article]

We all know how Elizabeth I and her navy defeated the Spanish Armada, but how many of us knew of the stories of the Spanish who survived? I for one, knew nothing, and didn’t think to learn anything! Along comes Fiona, who has provided us with an account of Francisco de Cuéllar, post defeat! A note from the author, I’m writing a novel based in Ireland in the early 1600s. Much of the information about the time comes from English travellers and colonizers, who as you can imagine were not the most unbiased sources! Francisco de Cuéllar’s story struck me as fascinating because he is an outsider. The account of his adventures provides a vivid picture of Ireland during the Tudor period. … Among Savages A Spanish Armada captain’s adventures in Ireland In 1588, Captain Francisco de Cuéllar sailed with the Spanish Armada, no doubt expecting victory over the English and a triumphant return to Spain. Instead, his fleet received a crushing defeat and

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Kit Marlowe Bio by Chasqui [write up]

As mentioned in Mondays post, this week has a theme dedicated to Elizabethan dramatists! I’m happy to be posting this write up, as I had no idea who Christopher Marlowe was before talking to Chasqui, and can now say I look forward to learning more about him! If you don’t know of him, I hope this write up sparks your interest the same way it sparked mine! A word from Chasqui, “First of all I would like to say thank you to Melissa for starting the Tudor Writers’ Circle and for agreeing to include my written piece below. I shall now try to explain why I have chosen to write on this subject. Since my long-gone schooldays, I have had a deep interest in both writing and history, with The Tudor era merging the two. In the 16 th  century writing took on an almost unknown lease of life, producing much literature from those regarded as the English Renaissance Writers.

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Death of a Queen by Christine Valentor [Write Up]

I feel like there is some irony in the last post in March being a post about Elizabeth I, seeing as how March 24 was the anniversary of her death. I also realized that after reading this, I knew next to nothing about the death of Elizabeth. I particularly like this write up because it addresses something I never once considered, despite suffering with it myself – monarchs suffering from depression. This submission is really making me look at people differently. A word from Christine, “Medieval and Renaissance history have always fascinated me. The Tudors in particular inspire me because their stories are filled with strong women. Whether it is Elizabeth of York, the six wives of Henry VIII, Mary Tudor or Queen Elizabeth I, their tales unfold with drama, passion and humanity. I love the Elizabethan era because Shakespeare wrote during this time. It was a period of great pageantry and politics, which I believe still influences us to

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