Christopher Marlowe -The Muses’ Darling – Chasqui [Extract]

Let me start off this submission by telling you how lovely Chasqui is. I am honestly so happy that this website introduced me to her! She ALWAYS has something positive to say, and will often drop me an email just to say hi. Often times its the highlight of my day! I’m so happy to be able to post ANOTHER submission by her, and we must all encourage her to continue writing her novel, so we can all read it! A word from the author, You may have seen my mini biography on Christopher (Kit) Marlowe which appeared in ATWC on 13 th April: CLICK HERE As a result of this, I have decided to try my hand at writing a novel based on his life. However, ahead of Chapter 1, I have written an Introduction, supposedly in Kit’s own words, which I hope will pave the way for my historical fiction which is based on as much information as

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Henry by Tony Riches [Extract]

Today I’m happy to present to you an extract from Henry! Its the third book in Tonys Tudor trilogy, and I’m looking even more forward into reading it after this! If you haven’t read Tonys other submissions, be sure to read OWEN and JASPER (link) first! … Chapter One    August 1485 Henry had a secret, a chilling truth only he would ever know. He’d never wanted to be king. He once tried to tell his Uncle Jasper. Dismissing him with a laugh, Jasper risked their lives to make it happen, so Henry learnt to live with his secret, which troubled his waking thoughts and haunted his dreams. He’d not believed it possible to become King of England. Too many stood in his path and others waited for their chance. Given the chance he would live out his days in the serene Brittany countryside. He remembered the sadness in the eyes of the beautiful Breton woman he would never see again. Even as he marched with his

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Jasper by Tony Riches [Extract]

Many moons ago, when I first began this website, Tony was the first one to contact me with a submission. I was overjoyed because I had always wanted to read his books! Well. Fast forward to this week, where I get to share not one submission, BUT TWO! If you haven’t read the first in the trilogy, CLICK HERE. I can assure you that both Owen, and Jasper live up to any hype you’ve heard. I’ve read both. … Chapter One February 1461 He held his breath and shivered as he strained to listen. Sound travelled well in the frosty woodland. The rustle of a blackbird foraging for worms in fallen leaves and the sudden, wooden creak of an old branch, bending in the cold air. He heard the noise again, the heavy scrape of hooves on the stony track, coming his way, hunting him. Too tired to run, he would not be taken prisoner by the men of Edward of

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Falling Pomegranate Seeds by Wendy J Dunn [Extract] Part Two

After a long week, here is the second part of Wendys Falling Pomegranate Seeds! If you haven’t read the first part CLICK here. … Beatriz hurried back to the queen’s chambers with the others. The guard blinked in surprise, seeing her yet again, when Juana knocked and Catalina beckoned to Beatriz to follow. One by one they entered the queen’s bedchamber, Juana’s dueña and servants stepping aside to wait outside the door. The queen was still abed, still writing, appearing disturbed, even downhearted. Wondering what could have changed the queen’s mood so quickly, Beatriz noticed the queen was writing a letter to the king. Looking around the room, she thought of her unwritten letter to Francisco. Should she write to him of Prince Juan, now perched on the edge of the bed, his head bent, silver- blond hair half covering his face? The prince strummed his small harp, one long, slender leg folded under the other. Or should she write

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Falling Pomegranate Seeds by Wendy J Dunn [Extract] Part One

One of my goals is to start reading more about Katherine of Aragon. I realized this summer (after finding a book of Isabel of Castile, and not buying it, go figure), that I don’t really know much about her, or her parents. So you can understand how excited I was that Wendy agreed to submit her first chapter! The picture she paints even in this short passage alone makes me feel like I’m there. A word from the author, Years ago I discovered a footnote about this fascinating woman, known as La Latina (Lady of Latin), in an essay about Isabel of Castile. A Latin expert, poet, so knowledgeable about medicine, rhetoric and the philosophy of Aristotle, she tutored on the subjects at the University of Salamanca. Beatriz was also a friend and advisor toQueen Isabel, as well as being a wife and mother. She is yet another woman forgotten by history – and a womanwho deserves notice. I hope she forgives my imagination for the liberties I have taken with her story in these pages, but if it makes   people interested in finding out more about her, then I am happy. Beatriz was a student of Elio Antonio de Nebrija, a Renaissance scholar and a man known in history for writing one of the first books of grammar for a romance language. … CHAPTER ONE “Follow your star and you will never

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