Domains, and Contests [Admin]

Hello, hello! I should begin by telling new readers to the website, that when there is a post on a Wednesday, it is admin! So I will talk news, give updates, etc! First, I like to officially announce that I purchased a .com domain! You can now view the website from! This was one of the things that I really wanted to do most for this website, and I’m so happy I did it! I believe that putting money into this is something that will motivate me to keep it up! Secondly, I have made a couple posts about contests in the new year. The only idea I have right now is writing contests, with a book as a prize. I’m hoping by the new year, we’ll have enough traffic to do this! If you would be interested in a writing contest, or would be willing to donate a book (looking at you, authors ;)) please, let me know

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Hello, everyone! It’s been a little bit, hasn’t it? I’m so sorry it’s been so long, life just got so busy. I got a second job, and between my social life, moving, etc. something had to be placed on the back burner, and unfortunately, it was ATWC. However, I’m back and I am super excited! I’m going to take this week to get myself back on my feet with this site, contacting authors, etc. and then I’m going to make the first post on November 5th! Mark it on your calendar! I will keep the same format as before, Mondays, Fridays, and Wednesdays for admin posts. I look forward to receiving and reading the content you send me! Yours, Melissa  

Weekly Author Feature

When I opened up Jim Hawkey’s submission, and saw the length – 5300+ words! I was a little bit stuck on what I would do. Was that too big? Would people want to sit and read that long of a blog post? Then light bulb! Why not divide it into two posts? I guarantee a post is filled, and I get to make sure the entire submission is posted! Then it hit me – why not use this to my advantage? I’ve decided that, should any authors want to submit a chapter of a novel, I would dedicate the week to them! That being said, this is not limited to just authors. Anyone who wants to submit a large 5000+ word post will have the week. However, with that being said, should you submit a posting that large, I cannot guarantee that your submission will be posted the following week. It is first come, first serve, but with that size,

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New Look, New Logo

In todays post, I’ll be addressing something that has been driving me crazy. The look of the site. I never liked the initial banner I had posted, so I absolutely needed to change it. With a little toying around, two hours later, I now have a clean look and new logo I very much love! I was going to have a poll and have people vote on what logo out of the three I created, but I ended up choosing my two favourite, and made them work. Thats how much things were bothering me.┬áNo regrets, honestly! I do hope you all like them! Also, you may have noticed a new “News” tab. This is where you can find site updates that will be posted on Wednesdays. This is my first time using WordPress, as well as running a website, so as I learn new things, you’ll see a lot of changes. If there are any suggestions you’d like to make,

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What you can expect

Today I’m going to discuss how I feel this website will operate, and what you can expect from me. I don’t want to over complicate things, but I do believe that I need some sort of structure, and I feel that will help the reader as well. Mainly I am going to go over when you can expect posts, my future plans, and other little housekeeping things. Posts I intend on posting AT MOST 3 times a week. Mondays and Fridays will be dedicated to your submissions – I will try to have different types of posts either day, however it entirely depends on submissions. Wednesdays will be dedicated to administrative posts (such as this one). If there are any changes to the website, or I want to announce something, Wednesdays is when I will do this. There may not always be posts on this day. Plans There are a few things I would like to do with this website.

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