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Today’s admin post is not Tudor related, but its something that hits home for me, and I suspect far to many people who may read this. But that is exactly why I’m writing it. Five years ago, on November 11th, 2013, my father died from cancer. Although he lived four hours away from me, I was fortunate enough to get home to be with him. Prior to his passing, he spent months in my city getting his radiation treatments, even driving the four hours back home on the weekends despite the doctors telling him they believed he would likely be admitted to the hospital with a feeding tube due to the weight loss expected from the treatments towards (he was already very thin). He wasn’t admitted. He didn’t get a feeding tube. My dad finished his treatments, and got to go home. He was in the hospital afterwards, for other reasons, but always got day passes and was able to

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Tudor Madness and Contests

Since things have been blowing up a little bit over on the ATWC Facebook page, I figure I should make a quick admin post to update everyone on whats been happening! First, I surpassed 1100 likes (as of the day I’m writing this) on the page! Needless to say, I’m so grateful to everyone who took the half a second to hit that like button. Even if it is for the memes, I’ve been having so much fun! Because I hit that milestone, I’ve opened up another contest! If you haven’t heard about it, and are even mildly interested…. Secondly, I created Tudor Madness, which pits (almost) everyone related to the Tudor era in a head to head voting competition. It’s been so fun seeing who everyone chooses and the conversations it sparks! I can’t wait to see who the final winner will be at the end of it! Once again, thanks to all you who have been taking time

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Hello, all! So recently I held my first writing contest (congrats again to Tiara Schrombeck), however going into it I assumed that I could just send the ebook as a gift from Amazon. Well! As it turns out, I can’t do that, due to living in Canada and whatnot (:eyeroll:). Thats not to say that Tiara didn’t get her prize, I simply sent a giftcard for her to buy the intended book. So, because I would like to hold more contests in the future and gift books to help all of those authors I love, I’m stuck if I can’t gift ebooks! I could keep sending giftcards, but that doesn’t mean it will go to support the author, if that makes sense! What I’m thinking is, if I approach the author directly and ask if they would send a copy to the winner, I would obviously compensate them buy purchasing it.  Now, authors, my question to you – would you be



Well! Since I hit 100 likes on the ATWC facebook page, I decided to hold a contest! What will you be competing for? What about Tony Riches newest book Brandon – Tudor Knight? RULES: 750-1000 words Topic: An evening at court  Deadline: January 3, 2019 EMAIL CONTEST SUBMISSIONS TO: If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask!  

TudorCon 2019

Well! If you follow the Englandcast Renaissance History Podcast or are apart of the Tudor History Summit page on Facebook, you would have heard talk of a TudorCon during the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair. Well its happening! October 18-21st 2019! And guess what else? I’m actually going! I bought my ticket yesterday, and am going to start planning soon! I have a big trip across the pond to Scotland in May, so I want to have a jump on things. I’m so excited to meet anyone and everyone who is going. Hopefully I’ll meet people who read this blog – I honestly may cry. I’ve added a countdown clock on the home page, because, why not?! Are you going? Do you want to go? Early bird tickets are on sale right now, CLICK HERE Yours, Melissa …