About Me

Who am I?

Well let me start off by telling who (or what) I am not. A writer. The closest I’ve come to being a writer is writing in my journal – a journal I’ve been neglecting for months!

My name is Melissa, I’m 28, Canadian and I love a good story. I love it even more if it takes place in the Plantagenet or Tudor era. After watching the 2018 Tudor Summit, (specifically Adrienne Dillard’s talk about Jane Boleyn), it got me thinking about all the different positions people take on individuals in that time. I started thinking about who I would write about and how I would portray them, and I asked myself, “what would I do with the story?” Keeping it to myself was out of question, why write a story if you aren’t going to share it. Publish it? Excuse me while I try and stop myself from laughing.

My next thought was, I might not be alone in this, so why not create somewhere for people to share their stories? And like that, A Tudor Writing Circle was born! I’m excited to read submissions, and share stories, poems, or whatever else people want to share!


Hey! Its me!