Tudor Directory and NaNoWriMo

Happy Sunday, and happy November, folks! Just a reminder, my 30th birthday is just over a month away, so you may start thinking of birthday gifts now 😉

I’m writing today to let you in on some news. Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter would already know this, but a couple things are happening right now!

First, I’ve started a Tudor Directory on the ATWC site in hopes of having the most comprehensive list of Tudor websites. Currently its all free, and I put in the leg work. So if you’re interested in having your website on the list, let me know in the comments!

Secondly, if you follow Heather Teyskos Facebook page you’ll know that shes gathering a group of people interested in participating in National Novel Writing Month to write their own Tudor novels! She has Janet Wertman and Tony Riches on board to answer questions, help with writing, etc. She wants to host write ins on Zoom, and basically help keep people accountable, because we all know we struggle with that (at least I certainly do!). I’ve also agreed to use ATWC as an outlet to post the finished products (whether or not you’ve gotten all 50,000 words!). I’m a huge advocate for people wanting to create their own Tudor stories, so I jumped all over this opportunity. Don’t worry about skill level, just write!


I'm a lover of all things Tudor, and historical - fiction or fact. My aim is to bring together writers of all calibers to share their work with like minded people!

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