TudorCon 2019 – Review

This time last week, I was in Manheim, Pennsylvania on a trip almost everyone I told thought was the most nerdy thing I’ve done in my 29 years. They weren’t wrong.

I spent the evening having some drinks, mingling, and watching entertainment I never thought I would. It honestly surpassed everything I expected, and this was just the first day. I had two full days left to experience something I never thought I would.

The next two days would be filled with talks by historians, authors, and people I hoped one day I would meet. I learned so much, not only about things related to the Tudors, but about myself. I realized just how much I truly loved the Tudor era. Because of this event, I have a renewed motivation for this website.

Heather put in a lot of work into this event, and it showed. Nothing was half-assed. Everything from the entertainment, to the food, to the swag bags was perfect. I barely witnessed her sitting down, and if she did, she was still working. Her work ethic is second to none.

If you’re considering going next year, DO IT. I cannot stress this enough. I bought my ticket on a whim, and worked my ass off to make sure I went. My boyfriend and I drove 17 hours, and I would do it again. Although, for Patricks sake, I’ll probably fly next time.

TudorCon 2020 is Oct 2-4, you can click here to get your early bird tickets!

Now for the good stuff. Pictures!

I got a tattoo to help commemorate this event
First night mingling
Two days of presentations, and evidence that Heather was always working
The OG TudorCon crew!

More pictures on my Facebook page, and loads on the Tudor Happy Hour page!

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