Lionheart – C J Lewis [Short Story] Pt 2

As mentioned in the post yesterday, today I’ll be sharing with you the second part of Lionheart by C J Lewis. If you missed part one yesterday, have no fear! Here it is!

Lionheart – C J Lewis

She stood up, and I thought she was going to reject me, but what she said next left me speechless. “I do not wish to wait until this evening.” She took my hand and pulled me up, so I was standing next to her. “Our bed is made and waiting for us now.” She gave me a coy smile and tugged on my hand.

I pulled her back into my arms and kissed her again. She came willingly and kissed me back, tangling her tongue with mine. I lifted my hand and caressed her breast through the fabric of her gown. I could feel her nipple beading against my palm even through the layers of linen and fine wool she was wearing. Every part of me wished I had my full strength; I wanted to lift her into my arms. “I promise that when I am back to my old self, I will carry you to our bed. But for now, I’ll have to be satisfied with your hand in mine.” I took her hand, and we walked as fast as our feet could carry us towards the solar.

The bed was indeed made, and there was a girl laying the fire. When she saw us come into the large room that served as our living quarters, she got up, bobbed a curtsey and left quietly. I reached for Emma and began to unfasten the ties at the back of her gown. She aided me, and soon she stood before me in just her linen shift. I put my hand into her hair and kissed her again. “You are so beautiful. Had I known such riches were waiting for me here, I would not have tarried so long.” It was true. In the past weeks, I had fallen desperately in love with my wife.

Emma smiled and began to help me out of my clothes. The sight of her elegant, long-fingered hands on me caused my blood to stir. I let her undress me. She told me to sit on the bed, and I followed her direction like a loyal hound. I let her pull my shirt over my head. When I’d been with her on our wedding night, I had kept my shirt on, and none of the women I had been with since had seen my body completely bare. But she had helped me bathe, and so the sight of the many scars on my chest and back were nothing new.

“One day, I’m going to ask you how you got these.” She reached forward and ran the soft pad of her finger along the jagged white line of a scar that ran from my shoulder to my navel.

“And one day, when I’m not so desperate to get my dick inside you, I’ll tell you the story of every one of them.”

She smiled and fell to her knees to relieve me of my boots and breeches. My cock leapt to attention as she bared me completely; the sight of her kneeling between my spread legs had me harder than a frost in January. “Please,” the words were strangled, and I barely recognised the voice as my own. “Please, Emma. Touch me. I am desperate for you.”

She reached out tentatively and circled my cock with her soft fingers. “Tell me how to touch you. I do not know how.”

I placed my hand over hers and curled her fingers around my shaft before working her hand slowly up and down as though I was pleasuring myself. “Taste me, Emma.”

Her face lifted to meet mine, and she looked unsure. “You wish for me to kiss you here?”

“More than a kiss, my love. Taste me with your tongue. I long to feel your mouth on me.”

She still looked unsure, but she leant forward and ran her tongue up the underside of my cock. I shuddered with the pleasure of it, and she repeated the action, more slowly this time. By the time she had licked me from root to tip, I was shaking with desire for her. “Come here, Emma. Let me help you disrobe.” I stood and helped her to her feet before turning her around so that I could untie the laces of her shift. As the fine linen garment fell to the floor, I felt gooseflesh rising on the skin of her arms. “Yes, it’s a little cold. We disturbed the girl before she could light our fire.” I walked to the fireplace and struck a flint onto the kindling the maid had left. The dry wood caught quickly, and the fire leapt into life. I returned to my wife and finished undressing her.

When she was naked, she crossed her arms over her breasts before turning to face me. She looked unsure of herself, and it made my heart ache.

“Do not hide from me, my love. You are mine, and you are perfect.”

She looked up at me and tears began to fall down her pretty cheeks.

I lifted my hand and wiped the wet trails from her skin. “Now, what’s this? What ails thee?” I pulled her into my arms, and she put her cheek against my chest. I felt her tears wetting my skin. “Have I hurt you in some way?”

I felt her shake her head against me. “I have kept something from you, husband. And I am ashamed.”

I eased her away from my body so that I could look at her. She looked stricken, and I felt a sudden panic rise in my chest. “Tell me, Emma. I promise I will not be angry. I meant what I said – if I were to meet you now, I would want to wed you. So, it doesn’t matter what you have to tell me.” I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her into my lap. I reached for the soft woollen blanket the was folded at the foot of the bed and wrapped it around us, enclosing us both in its warmth. “Tell me, my love.” I kissed her cheek, turning her on my lap so that she faced me, putting her thighs either side of my hips. I could feel the moist warmth of her sweet cunt mere inches away from my cock.

I watched her as she gathered herself. Whatever it was she needed to tell me; it was painful for her to think about. She nodded and began. “Three years ago, John’s men came to Foreleigh. We turned them away at the gate like we always did, but one of them broke through and got into the house. I ran for the stairs, planning to lock myself in here, but he caught me.”

I felt the skin on the back of my neck prickle with rage, but I managed to hold myself in check. I needed her to tell me the rest of the story. “Go on; please tell me.”

She nodded. “He pulled me down to the ground and ripped open my gown. He saw me naked. He would have done more if one of his comrades hadn’t pulled him off. Danyell, I was so ashamed.”

I wanted to get up, find the man and kill him – slowly and very painfully. But I managed to keep my anger in check. “You have nothing to be ashamed about, Emma. Who was this man?”

“It was Piers Griffin.”

“Henry Griffin’s son?”

She nodded and laid her head against my chest again. “He died of the fever last winter. God forgive me, but I rejoiced at the news.”

“He is fortunate that fever took him. For if it hadn’t, I would have made sure he suffered hours of pain before he finally met his maker.”

We sat there for a while, silent in thought. I rocked her against my body as her tears ceased. When she had quieted, and all I could hear was our breathing and the crackling of the fire, I lifted her face to meet mine and kissed her mouth gently. “Thank you for telling me. I meant it; you have nothing to be ashamed of. And I want you to feel at ease showing me your body, for it is very beautiful.” I let the soft blanket fall off her shoulders, and it fell onto the floor. I reached to cup her breast, and she shifted to give me better access. My cock stirred back into life and pushed up into the soft flesh between her legs.

Emma groaned a little and kissed me, pushing her wet, little tongue into my mouth. “All these years, Danyell; I have ached for you.” She moved against me, rubbing herself against the crown of my cock, smearing her juices over it.

My body was screaming at me to flip her onto her back and fill her with one, long thrust. But I knew that would not give her what she needed. What a woman needed hadn’t been much of an issue in bed sport for me in times past, but this was different. I wanted more than bed sport with Emma; I wanted a true joining. I put my hands underneath her full ass cheeks and lifted her a little so that she was positioned directly above me. “Take me then, love. Ease the ache.”

She looked confused for a moment, so I rotated my hips so that the head of my cock worked its way between the outer lips of her cunt. She nodded and leant forward to kiss me while she pushed herself down, and I felt her envelop my cock in her wet warmth.

“Oh, sweet! You feel so good. How have I stayed away from you for so long?”

She smiled slyly at me and began to move, riding me gently. “And how have I gone so long without feeling this?” She groaned softly as she pushed herself onto me again, impaling herself on my shaft.

“Here, love. Let me give you more pleasure.” I licked my thumb and put my hand between our bodies, seeking the sensitive little button that Sabrina had taught me to tease. I found it and began to rub it gently, back and forth, then in circles. I felt a gush of wetness on my fingers as she smeared them and my cock with her juices.

Emma groaned and put her head back, opening her mouth to pull air into her lungs. “Danyell! What are you doing?” Her thighs were shaking, and I knew she was going to spend soon.

“I can feel your pleasure, my love. Let it come. Do not try to hold back.”

She threw her head back again and cried out. I could feel her insides squeezing me, and I couldn’t hold my seed any longer. I let go with a shout and pumped into her over and over until my balls had nothing more to give.

She laid her head on my shoulder, and I could feel her laboured breaths against my neck. I pulled us both over so that we were lying on the bed, side by side, her leg over my hip and my cock still buried in her wet sheath. I kissed her mouth and pulled her closer. I was still hard, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would want to plough her again.

When her breathing had ceased to be so ragged, she looked up at me. “I do not know what just happened between us.” She blushed, and the pink colour spread down her neck, heading towards her breasts.

I kissed her again, cupping the flushed mound of her breast in my hand. “Only what God meant to happen between a man and a woman.” I began to thrust gently into her again. “And it will be happening again very soon.”

She still looked slightly dazed as she turned to face me. “After you left me, I spoke to several married women. I asked how they could bear to be away from their husbands. Most of them said it was a relief and that what happened in the marriage bed was a chore, not a pleasure.”

“You disagreed with them? Emma, we only had one night together, and I confess I did not pay you the attention you deserved.”

“It hurt the first time. And it was humiliating because they were watching. But after they left us alone? I saw your body, and I felt mine warming.” She wriggled in my hold, and I felt my cock push further into her as I became fully hard again. “I felt pleasure the second time. But nothing like the pleasure you just gave to me.”

I could sense that she was concerned; a lady shouldn’t be so wanton. I could only imagine the conversations she had had with the matrons; they had told her that lying with their husbands was something to dread. “My love. Our bodies were made to fit together.” I punctuated what I was saying by pushing up into her as far as I could. “And our bodies were made to take pleasure in that. Yours as well as mine. If those women told you otherwise, then their husbands clearly do not know how to pleasure them. Now, enough talking; I am anxious to pleasure you again.” I rolled her over onto her back and pulled out of her wet warmth reluctantly so that I could gaze on her naked body laid out before me.

She laughed, and I watched as the action pushed a pool of our juices out of her body onto the bedsheet. She felt it and stopped laughing. “Oh!” She sat up and tried to cover herself, as though being full to the brim with my seed was something of which she should be ashamed.

I pushed her gently back down and ran my finger through the wetness she had just expelled. “This is nothing to be ashamed of, sweet Emma. You are full of me. And you will be full again; many, many times.” I dipped my head and kissed the soft swell of her belly. I longed to taste her fully, but I knew that if I went straight to the place I longed for, I might frighten her, so I eased my way down her body with soft kisses.

Emma moaned quietly at my caress and moved her hips, letting me know that she was becoming aroused by what I was doing. There was far more I wanted to do, but as I looked up her body, her hard nipples called to me. I had not paid them any attention yet, and I knew we would both enjoy it if I did. So, I left the hot junction of her legs and moved up, kissing her skin as I went. I cupped her breasts with my hands and closed my lips around one, hard nipple, sucking the sweet flesh into my mouth.

Emma’s back bowed as she pushed herself further into my mouth. She was so responsive to my loving; I cursed myself for having stayed away from her for so long. I suckled and licked at her, then moved over to pay the same homage to her other tit. She was firm and sweet. “Forgive me, wife. I should have been here. I should have given you children to suckle on these dainty teats. Know that I intend to make up for lost time where that is concerned.”

Emma placed her hand on my head, directing me back to her tender flesh. “You have left me empty for nine years, husband. I hope you have the strength to keep your promise.” I could feel her squirming beneath me as I sucked on her nipple.

After torturing her with my mouth for a few more moments, I gave in to the desire to follow the hot, musky fragrance that was rising from her body where it had joined with mine a short time ago. I kissed a line from her breastbone to her hip, before pushing her thighs apart, revealing her wet centre to me. The lips of her sweet hole opened at my gaze, and I answered their call by kissing the sensitive skin either side of them.

Emma wriggled in my embrace. “No – Danyell – it is not proper.”

I laughed softly at her modesty. “Sweet, I just had my cock buried deep inside you – are you saying that I am not permitted to kiss you here?” I was teasing her, and I was enjoying it. “I am your husband, and I will kiss you where I please.” She stilled, and I felt a slight unease run through my veins. “But I will only do so if you want it. If you wish for me to cease, then say so, Emma. I will not take what is not freely given.” I had seen men who did that; I’d seen the evil in them as they took what did not belong to them and I had vowed to never become one of them. Bed sport was much more enjoyable when the woman was willing.  

“I … want it, Danyell. But everything I have ever been told about the work of a wife would make me believe that wanting it is wrong.

I cursed quietly. When would it be seen as a proper thing for a husband and wife to enjoy each other equally? “My love; does not the Bible tell a husband to love his wife?”

“Yes. It does say that.”

“Then I will show you that I love you by kissing you everywhere. Including here.” I dipped my head and placed an open-mouthed kiss against her entrance. She shivered from the touch, but she did not try to stop me. She tasted good, and I let her scent and taste flood my nose and mouth. When I felt her relax, I increased the pressure of my mouth, finding her tender hole with my tongue and pushing inside.

“Oh … Danyell!” Emma wriggled in my hold as the new sensation washed over her. “Please, I …”

Whatever she was about to say to me was interrupted by a loud thumping on the door of the solar. I felt rage flow through me like a swollen river, and I was just about to yell at whoever it was when the thumping began again.

“Sire, I’m so sorry, forgive the intrusion.” Hugh’s voice sounded thready with panic. “There are men approaching. John’s men. They will be here within the quarter hour.”

I looked at Emma and saw her face fall. She reached for a blanket to cover herself. “I had hoped they would stop now that you are home.”

I reached for her hands and held them tightly. “I promise, my love, this will be the last time.” I wrapped a sheet around my waist and walked to the door. When I opened it, I saw Hugh, pale and scared. “Thank you, Hugh. You did the right thing. Tell Gerald Baliol to get the men ready and meet me out in the courtyard as soon as they are able.”

“Yes, Sire.” He dipped his head in a short bow and scuttled off in the direction of the stairs.

When I turned around and walked back into the solar, Emma was standing in her unlaced gown, trying to pull her hair back enough to get it under a wimple. “Help me with my ties, please?”

“What are you doing? You’re staying right here. And as soon as we’ve run those bastards off the land, I’ll be back to finish what we started.”

She shot me a steely gaze, and I knew the argument was probably futile. “Husband, I have dealt with every attempt by John’s men in the last nine years. I am not going to just lie down like a scared virgin and wait for you to come back from another battle. We do this together, or not at all.”

I smiled at her and nodded. “My beautiful Lionheart.” I helped her to finish tying the laces of her gown and smiled again, knowing that she wore nothing underneath. “I meant what I said about finishing what we started. As soon as they have gone. I will be unlacing this gown again.”

“As you wish.” Her smile told me that would not deny me. “Get your boots on, husband; we have visitors to deal with.”

The sun was beginning to set as we gathered in the courtyard. I gave instructions for the gates to be opened and, moments later, a group of a dozen men on horseback rode in. I looked around at my men and the household folk who had all turned out to stand with them; we made a formidable sight and outnumbered our visitors by two-to-one. But the most formidable sight was my Emma. The wimple she had pulled on so hastily gave her a demure look, and she stood with her back straight, facing the enemy, as brave as any man I had fought with in Palestine or Normandy. I took hold of her hand, and she looked up at me. What I saw was strength and determination.

The man at the front of the group of riders removed his helmet, and I recognised him as Henry Griffin. I felt the blood rise in me as I remembered how his son had assaulted my wife. He would be paying for that very shortly. I let go of Emma’s hand and stepped forward, my hand on the hilt of my sword. “Dismount so that we can speak eye-to-eye.”

Henry Griffin looked around to his men then slipped his feet out of his stirrups and slid to the ground. He looked past me and addressed my wife. “Good day, Mistress. I see you have some extra support of late.”

I went for my sword, but Emma laid her hand on my arm. She looked at me and shook her head before stepping forward a little. “My husband and his men have returned from fighting for the King in Normandy. You have no reason to be here. Turn around and leave. And never return.”

Henry’s mouth curled into an ugly smile. “Oh? And why would I do that? This land belongs to the King – the rightful King, John. And you are part and parcel of the deal. My son told me how sweet you were; I have come to complete his claim and take you and your house for myself.”

I could bear to hear no more. I stepped in front of Emma and raised my sword. “Your son assaulted my wife. You should be grateful that a fever took him, for if he were still alive, I would flay him and use his skin as a doormat.” I took another step towards him, but he didn’t back down.

“I have no quarrel with you, Lovell. Stand aside. You have no real claim to this land or this whore. Leave now, and I will see to it that you receive recompense from the King.”

He looked so arrogant; I wanted nothing more than to swipe that grinning head right off his shoulders. But I knew that if I were the aggressor in any fight we had, I would lose my Emma forever. I had to wait for him to make the first move. “You dare to call my wife a whore? When your own wife cuckolded you more times than I could count?” It was a jibe, but it was true. Eliza Griffin had been mistress to one of Richard’s men; he had told me of it himself while we fought side by side against the Saracens. “Rafe Du Buisson told me many stories of rutting on your wife while you drank yourself into a stupor, so you didn’t have to listen to her crying out for him to fuck her harder.”

I heard a gasp from behind me and stifled laughter from Griffin’s men. The humiliation in front of his men was more than his mean, little heart could take. He raised his blade and ran for me. I parried with him, deflecting several blows, letting him think he was getting the upper hand. He pushed me down and raised his sword over his head. “Are you ready to meet your maker, Lovell? One of us will be warm between your wife’s thighs tonight.” He raised his arm higher, and I pursed my lips, letting out the whistle that was a signal to Gerald Baliol. From his position up on the roof, he heard me and, moments later, I heard the tell-tale whine of an arrow heading directly for Griffin’s chest. It landed squarely, the bodkin point slicing easily through the mail coat he wore.

Henry Griffin stopped in his tracks, sword still held high over his head and looked down to where the wooden shaft of the arrow protruded from his chest. He looked back to me, trying to drag air into his lungs. Then he coughed, spraying me with blood, before dropping to his knees then falling on his face at my feet.

There was a moment’s silence while Griffin’s men looked between each other. Then I heard Emma’s voice rising clearly in the Autumn air. “We have archers positioned on the roof. Enough to send you all to hell in the blink of an eye. Take this with you.” She stepped forward and kicked the bleeding corpse of Henry Griffin. “And never return. I have proved my ownership of this land over and over again at the Assizes. You have no legitimate reason to come here. And now we are protected by an army big and skilled enough to fight you and win.”

My heart swelled with pride at my woman standing so bravely against these intruders. And I felt my cock swell with desire for her again. I looked back to Griffin’s men – they were muttering amongst each other, then one rode his horse so that he was in front of the others. He removed his helmet and slid from his horse, walking towards Emma and me where we stood next to the body of his erstwhile leader.

I stood straight and faced him. “Everyone here witnessed what just happened. Henry Griffin attacked me and would have killed me but for the action of one of my archers.” I didn’t want to disavow Emma’s statement about our archers – we had one archer, Gerald Baliol, but they didn’t need to know that. “Leave now, and there will be no more bloodshed. But raise your swords against us, and you will all enjoy the same fate as this man.” I toed the ugly body at my feet and watched as his heart’s blood ran freely towards the drain in the centre of the courtyard. A fitting end for his vile life.

The man nodded. “We are in agreement. To continue with this endeavour is pointless. We have no claim to this place. Henry was determined to take it from you. He said he was acting on instructions from the King, but I have never seen any real evidence of that.” He turned to face his men who were now nodding in agreement. “Do what you wish with his body – we don’t want it. In my opinion, the dung heap would be too good for him.” He turned to face Emma. “Forgive me, Lady.”

Emma smiled as she looked at the young man. “It was you; you pulled Piers off me when he would have raped me.”

The young man bowed to my wife. “It was, my lady. Dunstan Marchmaine, at your service.”

I reached for the young man’s hand and shook it firmly. “You have my thanks. My wife told me of your actions.” I looked over to the group of men who were waiting for their new leader to return to them. “Are these your men now?”

“Aye, my lord. Though I have little to offer them now that my allegiance to the Griffins is broken.”

I looked at him, then his men, then spoke in a voice loud enough for them all to hear. “There is always a place for good men here at Fordleigh. If you find there is no other place for you, come back to see me.”

There was a general murmuring among the men, and Marchmaine looked to them for an answer. He nodded and turned to face us again. “We will return on the morrow, and we will be glad to give you our allegiance.” His gaze travelled between Emma and me, and I knew he was taking in our hastily dressed appearance and my cock-stand, which was now becoming quite painful against the stiff fabric of my breeches. “It would seem that our arrival interrupted more than your peace. Forgive us.” He bowed, and when he straightened, I could see he was smiling knowingly. “I wish you and your wife a peaceful night.”

I closed the door on the solar and watched Emma walk into the room. She stopped to add logs to the dying fire, which burst into life again, filling the room with a soft light and the fragrance of applewood smoke. When she reached the bed, she turned to look at me. “Husband, I believe there is something you neglected to finish before we were so rudely interrupted.”

I covered the ground between us so quickly; I made her gasp. Without saying a word, I captured her mouth with mine, kissing her deep and hard, pushing my tongue into her in the way I wanted to push my cock into her; rough and determined. I lifted her in my arms and laid her on the bed; the combination of fear and elation from the recent conflict filling my veins with a strength I’d forgotten I owned. “I cannot wait, Emma. There will be time for tenderness later.”

She reached for the hem of her gown and pulled it up to her waist, baring herself to me. “I am desperate for you, Danyell. Take what is yours.”

I tore at the laces of my breeches and opened them enough to release my aching cock. “Open yourself to me, my love. For I am burning with lust for you.” I reached for her thighs, helping her to spread them as wide as she could. I caught the unmistakable scent of her arousal, and my brain and body joined in their response. I positioned myself between her spread thighs and pushed my cock into her. As I reached the end of her channel, filling her wet hole with my cock, I cried out with pleasure. “Oh, Emma! I am so deeply in love with you!”

She reached for me, locking her lips with mine. “Husband; I am yours entirely.”

I began to thrust into her. “Forgive me, Emma. I need to fuck you. I will be gentle later, but at this moment, my balls are so full they are aching.” I began to slam into her, our bodies making a loud slapping noise as I pushed my cock into her as far as it would go.

Emma was panting and holding onto me, taking my battering and groaning with pleasure. She linked her ankles together around my waist and sank her teeth into my shoulder.

The shock of her bite had me spilling myself deep inside her, and I felt her cunt begin to clench around me as she spent herself over my cock.

We lay together for a long time, not speaking, not separating. When my breathing had finally settled, I lifted my head and looked at my beautiful wife. “You are mine.”

“I am yours. And you are mine.”

“Always. My Lionheart. I will follow you to the ends of the earth.”

She laughed, and I felt the vibration of it squeeze my cock where it was still buried deep in her sheath. “Oh no, Danyell Lovell. You are not going to the ends of the earth again. You have come home to me, and this is where you’re going to stay.”

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