The Rose of Raby and Rose of Rouen – Kalene Osborne [Poem]

Admittedly, this was supposed to be posted on May 31st – however due to not writing things down and being completely scatter brained, I forgot! But thankfully Kalene emailed me, and here is her poem about Cecily Neville! We don’t often see much about her, so I’m glad to be able to share this, hopefully sparking some further interest!

A word from the author,

As Tudor enthusiasts, I know we all automatically think of Anne Boleyn during the month of May. However, another lovely May Lady is the great-grandmother of the Tudor Dynasty Cecily Neville, Duchess of York. She was born and died during this beautiful month. Today is the anniversary of her death. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on her lately and what a truly incredible woman she was!
Everytime, I come across the question of Edward IV’s paternity, I can’t help but wonder how that accusation made both her and Edward feel – especially as it arose from her nephew and younger son. Although there are some pretty good arguments, I don’t myself believe Cecily would ever have cheated on Richard of York – she was true to her nickname proud Cis! 
I hope my poem does her even just the slightest amount of justice and hope you all enjoy!
– Kalene Osborne”

The Rose of Raby and Rose of Rouen
A Poem by Kalene Osborne

The Rose of Raby and Rose of Rouen,
Or so that’s what they were called.
A mother and son,
The splendours of Sunne,
At once they became appalled.
The wife and heir of York,
Warwick and Clarence demanded proof.

A widow at Sandal,
The victim of scandal,
Her loyal love the only truth.
The Earl of March, now rightful King,
A bastard he certainly was not.
His cousin and brother,
Supported each other,

Their love for Edward be naught.
A tragic ending,
The White Rose unjustly betrayed.
The eldest son of Cecily,

On a sad day in 1483,

His body, at final rest, would be laid.

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