Three Years a Queen (Reflections on a Reign) – Juliette Sebock [Poem]

In memory of Anne’s anniversary yesterday, I’m sharing with you another submission, this time from Juliette. Honestly, I got chills reading this one! Its absolutely one of my favourites.

A word from the author,

While doing research for my chapbook, Boleyn, it hit me especially hard that Anne’s reign, despite its mythos, was just under three years long. I’ve spent so much time intrigued by her story (in fact, much longer than the period in question!), yet this was the first time that it felt so real to me.  So much happened so quickly and I knew I needed to include that concept somewhere in the book.  “Three Years a Queen” was one of the last poems I wrote from this manuscript, but it’s one of my favourites–it’s hard not to imagine that Anne herself didn’t reflect on those years while waiting in the Tower.  

Three Years a Queen (Reflections on a Reign)


A proposal, a proposition I can accept.
A break for faith, for love, for God-given grace.
Finally, a queen.
A royal baby
to set aside the Lady Mary.
Yet not enough for Henry. 


A new realm and reclaimed faith, 
no ties to Rome, but My Lord, His Grace, 
King Henry VIII. 
Heirs to come from me alone, 
Yet rifts of loss in heaven
take shape. 


Opinions of sheep
will not shake me.
might just save me.


A rival passed, 
another in her place, 
a fall from a horse, 
a fall from Grace. 

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4 thoughts on “Three Years a Queen (Reflections on a Reign) – Juliette Sebock [Poem]

  1. As a writer of prose (or one who purports to!) where words run away with me as I strive to describe and bring people and situations to life, I am in awe of poets who can encapsulate scenes, feelings and events in just a few compelling words, and Juliette has done just that. Anne must have often looked back on her three-year reign, from both regal and personal angles, and this poem succinctly covers 1533-36. which changed from happiness to dread for the young queen and mother of the future Elizabeth I. I am now hoping there will be more poems from “Boleyn” here on A Tudor Writing Circle which will fire our imaginations and give us food for thought.

  2. This poem left me in tears. I am honestly not much for poetry but I love this and plan to read and re-read often. It’s wonderful.

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