Anniversary of Anne Boleyn Series/Travels

As I’m sure most of you have already noticed (especially if you’re on the Facebook page), I’m travelling! As I sit here typing this, I’m leaving the beautiful city of Edinburgh, for the highlands! I’ve been so busy the last little while, I feel like I’ve neglecting the posts I should be posting, so to make up for it, I’m going to work on the blogs in preparation for submissions I received for the anniversary of Anne Boleyns’ death (as well as The Spanish Princess series!)

Anniversary of Anne Boleyn series

For the anniversary of Anne Boleyns death (can you believe it’s been so long?! It feels like it was just yesterday!), Im going to sharing submissions from you wonderful people over a span of 3 days, starting tomorrow (18th) until the 20th (Sunday). Should any of you other readers get inspired and want to write something SEND IT IN! I’m more than happy to share what you’ve written after the three days – it doesn’t even have to be about our girl Anne!

Me, facing the same fate as Anne Boleyn, but not at the hands of a French executioner but my mother

Anywho, I’m currently going to get back to cursing the first world problems of having shotty wifi on the train, and get to (hopefully) schedule the posts. If not, I’ll do it later on when we land in Inverness!

Fun fact, I’m from Inverness Nova Scotia (New Scotland!)


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  1. Great to see this photo of you and your Mom, Melissa, though such a sad event is being commemorated. Hope the travellling is going well and we’ll see more from your Scottish holiday – you’re in Mary, Queen of Scots country so you must surely come across some information on her and the times she lived in.

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