Mark Smeaton – Tina Lou [Poem]

This week I’m featuring the lovely poetry from Tina! With the death of Anne Boleyn and the men, I think these poems are well timed! Let her know what you think in the comments! Also, can we please appreciate the STUNNING dress shes wearing in the featured image?!

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One thought on “Mark Smeaton – Tina Lou [Poem]

  1. First of all, I’d like to say say how beautiful the Tudor dress is – stunning in every sense of the word and one obviously designed for a queen of the era. The queen in mind is, of course, Anne Boleyn and whether the accusations of adultery against her, by adulterer Henry VIII, were founded has long been open to debate. As I understand it, Mark Smeaton, the court musician, confessed to adultery with her and was executed as a result. Whether he confessed under duress to an act he had never commited is another area where speculation is rife, However, this poem does give much praise to this very gifted musician whose skills on many instruments must have gladdened the hearts of all who listened and, irrespective of his guilt or innocence, he must have been greatly missed by so many and his death, 2 days before her own, must have made Anne weep. Through your poetic words, Tina you have made this young man seem alive and vibrant as he played music and though he met an unthinkable death, he will have left his own artistic mark on the Tudor court which will have lived on in those whom he influenced.

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