Lady Jane Grey – Richard Harries [Poem]

This post today is something slightly different! It’s the author of a poem, reading it! When Richard contacted me, I immediately thought it was a fantastic way to allow you all to experience it! If any of you poets out there are interested in doing this, I would love to have more on the site! Contact me!

Lady Jane Grey

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One thought on “Lady Jane Grey – Richard Harries [Poem]

  1. This is a very unusual and appealing way of presenting a poem, especially when read by the poet himself, I was becoming quite engrossed but, unfortunately, at 1.29 mins the video stopped and gave way to the buffering symbol which persisted, even when moved along. I have made a few attempts to watch this in full but been thwarted at the same point each time. However, I like both the poem and idea and hope to see others read by Richard in the future.

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