Early 1603 – Nathan Fearn [Poem]

Nathans next poem is a beautifully written piece about Elizabeth I. In my opinion he really captured the strength we often associate Elizabeth with. If you haven’t read his first poem about Anne, click here! And you can find Nathan on his Facebook page by clicking here!

I'm a lover of all things Tudor, and historical - fiction or fact. My aim is to bring together writers of all calibers to share their work with like minded people!

One thought on “Early 1603 – Nathan Fearn [Poem]

  1. I have found these two poems fascinating as they encompass the spirit of mother and daughter, Anne Boleyn and Queen Elizabeth 1, in few words which say so much as they both realise they are reaching the end of their lives. I was struck by the rhythm of “A Final Dawn” and at first wondered if had been composed in iambic pentameter but have now ruled that out. I am no poet but wonder if I have missed the meter used or is it just clever use of words and lines which have given this excellent effect?

    I hope to read more of your poems on ATWC, Nathan – the Tudor era gives much inspiration for writers and there are so many different angles with which to look at the lives of those who dominated it, from within royal circles to the literary world which Elizabeth’s reign hosted

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