ATWC Group Write #1

A fun little idea I had was to try a group write, sort of like one of the ice breaker game you play! I was nervous about how this would happen, or if it could even work via Facebook. Well! It worked out amazingly! And I’m 100% going to do this again! Also, I meant to post this last week, but totally forgot! I’ve also decided to create a new category to store them, and will perhaps do this weekly and add them there!

I posted a sentence (the sentence in bold) on the page and people were required to continue with it, and add a sentence (however based on the responses, I’ll be changing that to plural!). Below was the result!

Henry sat reading reports when a frantic messenger came running in..

with a letter stamped with the seal of The King Of France. Shocked and suspicious of what it could be, Henry ripped the letter from the messengers hands. His sister had only just married the King and Henry was full of concern for her. When he read the ill fate contents he learned the King Of France had died, leaving his sister a widow at 18. Now he would have to make good on the promise he made before she departed; she could have her choice of husband.

Henry called his most trusted advisor Sir Thomas More into his privy chamber. 

“Thomas, the King of France has died, I made a promise that she would be allowed to marry whomever she chose if the King should die before her’

“Well, Henry, then that is what you must do, you must honour your promise”

“But the promise was made not thinking it would be so sudden! She’s just a young girl with many options available that could benefit England” Henry boomed.

Henry raged all night. He would not make merry at dinner and barely noticed the beautiful ladies of the court dancing. His mind was preoccupied. Mary, now the dowager queen of France, young and beautiful would be his best hand to play. He couldn’t make good on his promise to let her marry for love. England needed her in a strong alliance, he needed to decide what would be best for her. Yes, the need to help England and secure alliances surely overrode any silly promise. He was King, he alone determined the best path. But how to get out of his word…

Henry was thinking intently of the many marriages he could make for his sister who was now the Dowager Queen of France; more valuable to him than ever before.

An alliance with France was invaluable, but who could be worthy of his sister now? The son of Queen Juana perhaps? King Francois? Anyone but her chosen husband, his best friend, Charles Brandon, Duke Of Suffolk. He must find her a suitable marriage by the end of her forty day confinement.

He was unable to sleep that night. Restless and overwhelmed with thoughts of how the next forty days could play out. He couldn’t help but wonder, if his sister had someone in mind already.

Henry already knowing that only he could choose the best husband for his sister, none else. Which alliance was needed most, now that she was widowed? Would he have to make war with France to accomplish the plan he deemed best? Should he send emissaries to France to smooth the path to getting his way?

“Make love not war” he cried!

Henry turned over angry with the situation. Why was it gods will for everything he had planned so well to be ruined. Had he originally chosen wrong? Was that why God was angry? Should he have not made an alliance with France? Was that why Kathrine had given birth to a stillborn son? Why was he being punished? Was he not a good enough Catholic?

His sister’s marriage became quite a diplomatic concern. “It is important to know who might be the next ruler of France. Kathryn will love him for the best interest of both our kingdoms. So shall she do, with her mind if not with her heart”; Henry thought.

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  1. This has worked out so well – better than I’d anticipated when I first read of the idea – and the words flow as though written by one person. I’m not on Facebook so can’t join in but look forward to reading more of these built-up Tudor stories.

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