Tudor Madness and Contests

Since things have been blowing up a little bit over on the ATWC Facebook page, I figure I should make a quick admin post to update everyone on whats been happening!

First, I surpassed 1100 likes (as of the day I’m writing this) on the page! Needless to say, I’m so grateful to everyone who took the half a second to hit that like button. Even if it is for the memes, I’ve been having so much fun! Because I hit that milestone, I’ve opened up another contest! If you haven’t heard about it, and are even mildly interested….

Secondly, I created Tudor Madness, which pits (almost) everyone related to the Tudor era in a head to head voting competition. It’s been so fun seeing who everyone chooses and the conversations it sparks! I can’t wait to see who the final winner will be at the end of it!

The current bracket as of the time of writing this post.

Once again, thanks to all you who have been taking time out of their day to comment, like, vote, read this. It really means a lot to me!


I'm a lover of all things Tudor, and historical - fiction or fact. My aim is to bring together writers of all calibers to share their work with like minded people!

One thought on “Tudor Madness and Contests

  1. Hi Melissa, Many thanks for your admin post. I am delighted you have so many likes on Facebook – it indicates that the ATWC is gaining in popularity. I’m not on Facebook, just Twitter which is quite enough for me as social media does take up quite a bit of time and I’d never get any writing done if I were signed up to more, but I know many people are on there so all this news is very encouraging. I am looking forward to reading the winning entry – the last one was excellent – though won’t be entering. While I have a reasonable knowledge of Tudor royal history, it is not in-depth enough for me to create an interesting story. As you know, I concentrate more on Elizabethan writing and theatre and my Kit “work in progress novel” is my current focus, and though I’ve written reams and am nowhere near the end! In the words of Will in Upstart Crow when musing over the play title ’17 Gentleman of Verona’ – “needs trimming”!! Btw, Kit’s reaction to Will’s list of proposed play titles was “It’s a bit so what, so far” – probably could be extended to my ramblings! Anyway… the competition will give many people some topics to write on and I hope this time you have less trouble sending the prize to the winner. It’s strange really how everything is available online, till you really need something! Hope you are well and not snowed-in, though Canada copes so much better with snow than we do here. Although much of the UK did have significant falls of snow last week, we had just a light covering overnight which had melted by the next morning. It was barely noticeable which is good, though I doubt we are out of the winter weather yet.  Thanks again for running the ATWC so efficiently and for all the excellent pieces you feature each week. Bye for now and all good wishes, Chasqui (Lauretta)

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