Hello, all!

So recently I held my first writing contest (congrats again to Tiara Schrombeck), however going into it I assumed that I could just send the ebook as a gift from Amazon. Well! As it turns out, I can’t do that, due to living in Canada and whatnot (:eyeroll:). Thats not to say that Tiara didn’t get her prize, I simply sent a giftcard for her to buy the intended book.

So, because I would like to hold more contests in the future and gift books to help all of those authors I love, I’m stuck if I can’t gift ebooks! I could keep sending giftcards, but that doesn’t mean it will go to support the author, if that makes sense!

What I’m thinking is, if I approach the author directly and ask if they would send a copy to the winner, I would obviously compensate them buy purchasing it. 

Now, authors, my question to you – would you be willing to do this, hypothetically? I’m not sure if there are any issues in doing this, so if there are, please let me know! It’s important to note that answering this isn’t booking you into actually doing it, I’m looking to see if its just a feasible option.

At this point I’m simply brainstorming, so if anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears!



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  1. I have often sent paperback books off to competition winners, one went all the way to New Zealand. Obviously not a weekly thing but a few times of year is no problem. They usually go on to buy my other books so the cost is recouped in the end.

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