Roses of Blood and Winter – Jessica Dunne [Poem]

Hello! I hope this Monday is treating you well! If not, I hope reading this post will bring a smile to your face, because I truly appreciate that you’re taking time our of your day to read this! I also truly appreciate Jessica for submitting this weeks posts! She has submitted some poems, and I’m pleased to be posting the first one today!
A word from the author,
The [poem] was written when I began to study the reign of Henry VII. His story and reign fascinated me and it just sprung forth this idea. I’ve also had such a love for Elizabeth of York and her parents. They’re fascinating people to me.

Roses of Blood and Winter

A Welch Dragon  and The English Rose

A union that brought a war to a close

Her beauty and grace knew no bounds

As she sat with child beside her hounds

Henri Tudor, seventh of his name

The first of his dynasty that was brought to fame

And on September 20th 1486

A son was born that forged his reign

As York and Lancaster blood ran through the baby boy’s veins.

Plantaganet and Tudor

Dragon and RoseA union that brought a war to a close.

Their son would reign for 38 years.

And brought a change to England

That still remains

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  1. Your poem encapsulates the dawn of the Tudor era so well – am looking forward to reading more of your poetry on here soon., Jessica.

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