Domains, and Contests [Admin]

Hello, hello!

I should begin by telling new readers to the website, that when there is a post on a Wednesday, it is admin! So I will talk news, give updates, etc!

First, I like to officially announce that I purchased a .com domain! You can now view the website from! This was one of the things that I really wanted to do most for this website, and I’m so happy I did it! I believe that putting money into this is something that will motivate me to keep it up!

Secondly, I have made a couple posts about contests in the new year. The only idea I have right now is writing contests, with a book as a prize. I’m hoping by the new year, we’ll have enough traffic to do this! If you would be interested in a writing contest, or would be willing to donate a book (looking at you, authors ;)) please, let me know in the comments! If there isn’t much interest in it, well, itll just be a scrapped idea! If you have any other ideas, I’m more than willing to hear them!


I'm a lover of all things Tudor, and historical - fiction or fact. My aim is to bring together writers of all calibers to share their work with like minded people!

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