Netflix by Lucien Young [Poem]

I received an email from Lucien about his book and was immediately intrugied. Shakespeare and Kim Kardashian? What? Amazing, thats what. And I don’t even keep up with the Kardashians. I’m happy to feature a poem from his book, #sonnets, as the first post after the hiatus.

A note from the author,

I’m a sitcom writer and the author of several humour books, including Alice in Brexitland and Trump’s Christmas Carol. I studied English at university and have long been fascinated with the Elizabethan sonneteers. One day I thought it might be funny to write a Shakespearean sonnet on the subject of Kim Kardashian. I proceeded to write more and more, on increasingly dumb, anachronistic topics, until I had 155 (i.e. one more than Shakespeare). It seemed a shame to let all those iambs go to waste, so I decided to crowdfund a book through the online publisher Unbound!



Netflix by Lucien Young

How I do thrill at thy great panoply!

Thine endless content doth my heart content

Ne’er do I grudge thy small subscription fee

Much less the countless hours on thee spent

For when I would my thirsting laptop slake

Assemblest thou the songs of sundry bards

One eve I shall of Stranger Things partake

The next of NarcosLove or House of Cards

Alas, at times thy wares are so arousing

I cannot choose, and, vainly scrolling on,

I waste my day a thousand programmes browsing

And lose the chance to watch a single one

Man’s heart, though lacking naught, still wanteth more

And thus a wealth of choice doth make us poor.

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  1. . Despite my deep admiration for the Tudor writers, and one influential genius in particular, I have never mastered writing in either rhyme or blank verse. Therefore, to find your sonnet formed so perfectly within the iambic pentameter framework is such an achievement, in my view. Bringing its use into the 21st century to outline modern topics is something I believe both Christopher Marlowe and The Bard would applaud and I hope you will soon have enough funding to have your book published. Good luck and keep on writing.

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