Too Cool by Robert Hiland [Poem]

This week seems to have a theme – Elizabethan dramatists.

Today’s post is a poem that was graciously sent in by Robert Hiland, and was inspired by Mr.Will Shakespeare.

A word from Robert,

“What inspired me to write “Too Cool”?  It is true, but far too easy to say  ” frustration with a date that didn’t go well”.  That was just the motivation, the spark that ignited the fusion process. Hamlet likely felt the same way….It is also true but only slightly more so to say that the image of Ophelia’s father being unjustly stabbed where he eavesdropped behind the screen was a piece of the inspiration.  How unfair!  How cruel!  But that was just the magnetic bottle that contained the process in the beginning.  Toss in some puns and double entendre, some rhyme and rhythm; an image here, a metaphor there;  more fun stuff  and form stuff learned from, inspired by–well–all of the above.”   

To cool or not too cool

(a soliloquy on reluctant lovers, with apologies to Will and Hank)

“Be cool” he said;

(The little voice inside my head.)

“You know that when you move too fast

Your assignations never last.

Just paste a Mona Lisa smile

Across your face; go slow a while.

Be distant, casual, be superior;

Restrain romance.  Keep it interior.

If she moves first you’ll be the prize

Of greater worth in her wanton eyes.

Wise words no doubt, and no doubt needed.

But yet my pace is unimpeded;

For good advice, like fat Polonius,

Skewered through the arras,

Is mocked, ignored, believed erroneous,

And only serves t’embarrass.

Words untimely; untimely dying–

Why must romance be so damned trying?

If I rush my pace she’ll blush and shiver,

And if I don’t I’ve failed to give her

The last best shaft that’s in the quiver

And there she’ll float, face down in the river.

Ah!  Then the loss would chill our hearts.

Too cool!  Too cool and love departs.

Far better hot, and with my heat,

Melt her heart and thaw her cold, cold feet.



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One thought on “Too Cool by Robert Hiland [Poem]

  1. This Shakespeare-inspired poem rings true, and aside from some modern phrases and references, could apply just as well in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, as it does in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Human traits and emotions never vary, no matter the time span, and reading “Too Cool”proves this. I like the way the rhymes were woven together to give a clear description of the feelings of the poet, Robert Hiland, and I hope the writing of this poem allayed some of the negative feelings he was experiencing and led him to a more peaceful view of events.

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