Henry VIII’s sister & Scotland’s Queen: who was the real princess Margaret? by Natalia Alyukova Pt 1 [write up]

Ok, so I have a confession, that I’m slightly embarrassed about. I’ve been following the Tudors for close to about 15 years now, and for some reason, despite having watched the show The Tudors several times. I DIDN’T REALIZE THEY COMBINED MARY AND MARGARET. This has been remedied thanks to this weeks posts, but come on, Melissa. Get your stuff together! Anyway! Enjoy today’s part one of two posts from Natalia! She runs a blog called Historica Drama. So if you’re into analyses of period dramas, I highly suggest you check her site out! … Henry VIII’s sister & Scotland’s Queen: who was the real princess Margaret? One of the biggest historical inaccuracies of The Tudors series was the intentional creation of Princess Margaret character – which was made up of two of Henry’s sisters, princess Margaret and princess Mary. The fictional Princess Margaret (Gabrielle Anwar) was the only sister of Henry VIII – a feisty woman who dares to

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Elizabeth and Anne – Jessica Dunne [Poem]

Todays post is Jessicas second piece, if you haven’t read her previous submission, click here! I think this fitting for the second piece, seeing as how the first was the beginning of the Tudor reign, and this, the end. A word from the author, The [poem] was written in May in the run up to Anne Boleyn’s execution anniversary. She was a woman with such an important historical significance and such a tragic end I had to write this. I always felt for Elizabeth and her older sister Mary as well actually. I’m a child of divorce so I can relate to them both. … Elizabeth and Anne On that day The 19th of May 1536 Death gave Anne his cold kiss The executioner swung And her life ended. But her legacy went on. For 20 years is not that long. When Elizabeth sang the final Tudor song. And on the 24th of March 1603 Death kissed a Boleyn once

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Hello, all! So recently I held my first writing contest (congrats again to Tiara Schrombeck), however going into it I assumed that I could just send the ebook as a gift from Amazon. Well! As it turns out, I can’t do that, due to living in Canada and whatnot (:eyeroll:). Thats not to say that Tiara didn’t get her prize, I simply sent a giftcard for her to buy the intended book. So, because I would like to hold more contests in the future and gift books to help all of those authors I love, I’m stuck if I can’t gift ebooks! I could keep sending giftcards, but that doesn’t mean it will go to support the author, if that makes sense! What I’m thinking is, if I approach the author directly and ask if they would send a copy to the winner, I would obviously compensate them buy purchasing it.  Now, authors, my question to you – would you be


Roses of Blood and Winter – Jessica Dunne [Poem]

Hello! I hope this Monday is treating you well! If not, I hope reading this post will bring a smile to your face, because I truly appreciate that you’re taking time our of your day to read this! I also truly appreciate Jessica for submitting this weeks posts! She has submitted some poems, and I’m pleased to be posting the first one today! A word from the author, The [poem] was written when I began to study the reign of Henry VII. His story and reign fascinated me and it just sprung forth this idea. I’ve also had such a love for Elizabeth of York and her parents. They’re fascinating people to me. … Roses of Blood and Winter A Welch Dragon  and The English Rose A union that brought a war to a close Her beauty and grace knew no bounds As she sat with child beside her hounds Henri Tudor, seventh of his name The first of his

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Counterpoint – Barbara, Lady Villiers by Elizabeth St. John [Short Story]

Friday already! Has anyone elses week flown by? I’m always working so everything is just blending together at this point! However, Friday means theres a new post! And todays post is the second installment of Elizabeth St. Johns Counterpoint series! If you haven’t read the first post, click here. I read this story again just before posting it, and it didn’t strike me, until now, how much darker it is, compared to the first one! I am eager to read her novel The Lady of the Tower even more now! … Counterpoint Barbara, Lady Villiers “There were not in those days so many beautiful women found in any family as these, but my mother was by the most judgements preferred before all her elder sisters, who sometimes envious, used her unkindly.” Lucy St.John Tower of London 1618 When Theo Howard, the heir-apparent to the Earldom of Suffolk, fell in love with my sister Lucy, I knew I would die with envy. Or destroy her

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